Tuesday, May 24, 2011

2011 Keeshond Nationals

Hi Everyone! This is Kiwi. First of all Happy Birthday to me, Happy Birthday to me… I turned 9 on May 16th and guess what I was doing?
I was running agility with the younguns at the 2011 Keeshond National Agility trial in Mason, Ohio. I had a qualifying run in Excellent B Standard. Mom says I don’t need any more of those but that’s my favorite course. I didn’t Q in jumpers with weaves since I was over time and I got what mom calls the ‘oochy schoochies’ in the FAST class. You see I have some hot spots near my private parts and they bother me sometimes and well, mom wasn’t keeping me preoccupied enough so I decided to take care of business right in the middle of the course! Rockin’ Robin got 4th place in Novice FAST for his title. He should have placed higher but it was the first run of the day and he was so wound up that he took out the triple for 8 points and skimmed over the teeter for 2. Mom was determined for him to place so made him do everything else on the course. She could hear people comment – boy he’s fast! But he’s also CRAZY! Calvin missed a FAST Q by a couple of seconds since he stopped and looked at mom on the course like she was crazy and also wanted to do the teeter which he won’t do without treats. But he did get 1st place in Open jumpers with weaves! Robin barked himself out of the weaves 3 times so didn’t Q in Open jumpers and skimmed off the teeter again in standard and argued with mom a whole lotta bunch! He might Q in standard when he’s 10 and finally calms down. Sefina ran in Novice FAST and had a pretty good run considering she still gets so stressed out.

On Tuesday we played Rally Obedience. It was my first time ever and I was wondering what the heck I was supposed to be doing out there on leash with no obstacles in sight. I really thought mom had lost her mind. But I got my first Novice Rally leg with a score of 88. I was tied for 4th place but ended up in 5th because of time. Then Robin did Advanced for the first time. That is when I knew mom had lost her mind. Taking him out there off leash with a jump in the ring! Seriously, what was she thinking?! But he surprised us all by getting a score of 93 without a single screech or bark! Then it was Sefina’s turn in Excellent. But dogs were scratching in the crates on the other side of the door and she quickly lost interest and began checking out the rest of the ring so mom called it quits. But then she saw the honor dog (who looked like the rest of us, of course) and she got really excited and bounded up to him. So she got excused. OOPS!

On Wednesday, Calvin got to prance around in the breed ring but he was still in agility mode and bounced and ran around the ring so he didn’t even make it to the first cut. He looked pretty awesome though since he fell asleep on the grooming table for mom for the first time. I think it was because he was jealous of Robin who kept jumping up there with him and wanting mom to touch him. Robin is a little obsessed with mom.

We had Thursday off and boy were we tired! But mom had to put stuff together for the Rescue Parade and then she took Robin down who ended up being used as a grooming guinea pig for Pure Paws. Then in the middle of the night Robin & I barked at someone passing by our room and mom went to check the time on her phone and knocked her glasses on the floor. Then we heard her scream in pain. She rolled over to fish for her glasses in the dark and whacked her cheek bone on the edge of the bed side table. OUCH! She has a real pretty black and blue eye now :)

Friday, Robin & I played Rally again. This time, I knew what was going on and I did really well but mom didn’t do an obvious return to normal pace after the fast pace sign since I got ahead of her so I got an 84. I’m kind of miffed at her cause I would have placed otherwise. Then Rockin’ Robin went in and got a score of 96! I’m still in disbelief. He’s so stubborn and crazy! It wasn’t enough to place though since 1st place scored 100, and 2-4th had 99 scores! That’s what happens when you compete against other Keeshonden, I guess. Then mom took Robin & Calvin over to the Pure Paws booth to get some special shampoo for Robin and they were both used as demo dogs for a couple wanting to see the products in use. That made mom real happy because they did Calvin’s front feet! Mom isn’t real good at doing our feet, especially with Calvin tap dancing constantly. Then that evening, Sefina and I did the rescue/companion parade. Mom took Sefina out and she did her freestyle tricks for the crowd so that made Sefina real happy (especially since mom could have treats with her).

Saturday, Calvin showed again. He still didn’t get noticed even though he showed well this time. Maybe because it was because of mom’s black eye! Then we spent our last night in our nice hotel room with the king size bed that we didn’t really want to share with mom but she squeezed in around us anyway. Then we drove home Sunday morning. We had a lot of fun but we were glad to get in the car and go home. We were so exhausted and ready to not have to always be on a leash to go outside. Plus we had to get home to harass Voodoo who missed us. We’ll post pictures when we get some.

Oh and Happy Birthday to mom! Her birthday is today.

Friday, May 13, 2011

NADAC Agility

Hi Everyone!

We have to keep this short cause we’re leaving for Keeshond Nationals on Sunday and mom needs to finish the catalog for the Rescue, Companion, Therapy Dog Celebration so she needs to get on the computer.

Two weeks ago, April 29-May 1st, we played NADAC agility in a trial at Kunkle Park hosted by Splash ‘n Dash K9 Sports. This is a small outdoor trial which is lots of fun! Friday, Kiwi earned her Open Touch ‘N Go title with two 1st place runs. Kiwi also Q’s in Open Weavers the next day but was over time the rest of the weekend. Robin earned his Novice Jumpers title because as everyone knows, Robin LOVES to jump. He also LOVES to leap over the dog walk contact and argue with mom so the only other Q he got was in Tunnelers. Calvin had a bouncing good time and also only Q’d once in Tunnelers but mom said he had some nice runs. Sefina only ran in Weavers and Tunnelers but only finished 2 runs. Like last year, she just wanted to return to the pack in the X-pen!

Last Friday, we got a free play day! There was a knock on the door right before mom was going to leave for work. It was a fireman and he told mom that we had 5 minutes to evacuate the house since a gas line was sheared off down the road. So mom threw some treats in a bag, loaded us up, and drove to Splash ‘n Dash to hang out and play for a couple of hours. We thought it was a great day! Luckily, we still had a house to come home to.

Then next day, mom took Robin to Houndapalooza in Monroeville Park to do agility and rally demos. Mom took him since he knows how to do both and because she figured he’s ‘flashy’ and would attract people since he barks while he runs. He also got to try flyball. People have been trying to talk mom into training him for it for a while now. He made them drool as he flew over the jumps and has a nice ‘box turn’ after only a couple tries. Unfortunately, he has no interest in a tennis ball. Zero, Zilch, Nada, won’t pick it for nothing, won’t even look at it! Mom kept trying to tell them he wouldn’t touch it but they think she can train him to retrieve it. Maybe if there was T-bone steak inside…

Then Sunday Mom took Robin and Calvin to work on contacts at You Go Little Dog. The rest of us were upset we didn’t get to go but she said we all got to play on Friday and the boys needed to practice their contacts for the agility trial at the Nationals on Monday. Fine, but we said no Mother’s Day gift for her!