Saturday, May 30, 2009

Welcome to Kees Crazy - the blog for 5 spoiled Keeshonds named Kiwi, Voodoo, Sefina, Calvin, and Robin! Their chauffeur/event coordinator is new to blogging so we'll see how this goes.

Kiwi just turned 7 on May 16th! Those years just flew by. Seems like yesterday that I brought home the little 6 week ball of fur that turned into a demanding diva with insomnia. I started taking agility classes when she was 5 months old to focus her energy. That was the birth of a new obsession and lifestyle.

Last Saturday Kiwi earned her 8th Excellent B Standard leg in AKC Agility. The day before, her baby sister, Sefina, had her Rally Obedience trial debut and earned a score of 97! It was a 4-way tie so she got 4th place because of her incompetent handler (me).

Hopefully, both girls have a repeat performances this coming weekend.