Friday, January 7, 2011

Out with the old, in with the new


We hope everyone had as much fun this year as we have. We’ve done a whole lotta bunch of stuff this year. Mom says we have done 32 days of agility trials, 32 days of conformation, and 6 days of rally obedience trials. Wowser! We’re so glad mom doesn’t have a life and can chauffeur us around to all of our events. Here’s a quick summary of our accomplishments:

Kiwi earned her CPE Agility Trial Champion title in August. She also earned 3 NADAC agility titles this year.

Calvin had quite a successful year as well. He got his first major win in conformation by winning Best of Breed mid-May and then went to his first Keeshond Nationals in Wisconsin where he got 4th place out of 22 dogs in the Open Dog class during the regional specialty and then won the Open Dog class during the national specialty 2 days later. He’s not just a pretty face though. He made his agility trial debut on New Years Day 2010 and earned 9 titles this year.

Sefina also went to the Keeshond Nationals where she earned her Rally Advanced title. She also earned 4 agility titles. Her nickname is Piranha-Goat so she has the distinction of destroying a crate mat, a dozen leashes, several pairs of gloves, a folding camp chair, and nylon carrying straps on pretty much everything this year.

Rockin’ Robin continued to make a big splash on the agility scene with his rip roarin’ running style. He earned 8 agility titles this year and also proved that he can keep his mouth shut in the ring by competing in Rally Obedience. He earned his AKC Rally Novice title in October with limited training.

Voodoo, who has been our team mascot for so long, finally got tired of sitting on the sidelines and decided to listen to mom in the agility ring. He earned 2 CPE agility titles this year!

We ended our year just as it began with all 5 of us at a CPE agility trial in Ohio. Voodoo continued to shine by earning his Level 1 Standard title and he Q'd in Level 1 Snookers. Kiwi, the 'Q Machine' had 10 qualifying runs out of 12. Calvin earned his Level 3 Fun Games Title an had 4 Q's out of 9 runs. Robin - well he argued with mom quite a bit and blew most of his contacts (an ongoing issue) so he only qualified in 2 out of 9 runs. Sefina, still unsure of herself, had one qualifying run in Snookers out of 4 runs.

We haven't quite made out our schedule for this year. Calvin plays conformation tomorrow in Tallmadge, OH but that is all we have planned so far. May the New Year bring you lots of fun times and liver treats!