Sunday, December 20, 2009

Hooray for Snow!!!!

It snowed all day yesterday. We LOVE snow. We were bugging mom to go outside constantly since about 2:30AM! We can't get enough. Here are some pics of us enjoying the white stuff.
In this picture, we're telling mom where to put her camera!

Monday, December 14, 2009

Cleveland Weekend

Hi everyone! This is Calvin. Mom says I get to tell you about our 3-day weekend in Cleveland. On Friday, mom took Sefina up to the IX Center to play AKC Rally. Mom was hoping she would get her Advanced title but Sefina says the place was real big and there was so much going on that she didn’t feel like playing. She was too busy checking everything out so Mom called it quits at the 5th station. But Sefina wanted a souvenir so while mom was getting her leash from the ring steward, she went back and grabbed the stuffed monkey out of one of the bowls in the offset figure 8. She went strutting out of the ring looking really proud and everyone laughed but the ring steward took the toy away from her. So then Mom & Sefina went to stake out a spot in the grooming area for me on Saturday & Sunday. Then they went shopping. Sefina got a little stressed out by all the commotion so she was feeling down by the time they left but as they were walking out, who did they run into? Sefina’s favorite Boxer Izzy! Oh boy, did she get excited. Sefina loves to get tackled and drooled on by Iz. None of us can quite figure out why but Sefina says that was the highlight of her day.

Saturday was the Keeshond Specialty. Mom took me up early since another Kees person, Ann, offered to help groom me. She didn’t find her until almost ring time for the Sweepstakes so mom did the best she could which is too much in my book. But then Ann saw me and insisted on fixing my feet so they fussed even more. Then I went up against 3 other males in the 12-18 month age group and ended up last but mom says we got $2 for that. Then Ann fussed with my feet even more. Then I went back in the ring and since I was the only 12-18 month Open dog I got 1st place and a Xmas mug and socks for mom. I thought it should have been Xmas cookies or bones for me since I had to do all the work. I got the short of that deal. Then I went up for Winners dog and didn’t make it. Boy did that judge check us out though. We had to go around the ring 4 or 5 times. I was getting pretty bored by the end. Then mom & I watched the rest of the Keesies. There sure were a lot of us. And the judge made everyone go around and around. It took a long time. After that was over, Ann fussed over my feet even more. I wasn’t happy about that but worked it for lots of treats.

Sunday was quite the experience. You see, instead of getting a motel, mom drove between Pittsburgh & Cleveland each day since she couldn’t take all five of us into the IX center. Friday & Saturday were sunny, dry days but Sunday morning it started to rain right before we left and turned into ice when it hit the cold ground. Mom saw that there were lots of accidents on the news and they were closing roads so she rushed me out the door as quick as she could. We barely made it out of the driveway – it’s really steep but we got out and mom drove real slow. But then she went around a curve by our favorite ice cream place and we went flying! Mom was real worried that we were going to hit a car that was pulled over but we missed that. But then we headed into some posts sticking out of the ground and a telephone pole. Mom thought for sure we were going to hit but managed to escape damage by inches on the driver’s side and inches from the telephone pole in front thanks to some shrubs. Mom was so relieved! So then she backed out and pulled over into another driveway (after taking another slide) and got out to make sure there was no damage. Then she got back in to get ready to pull out and here comes a car from the opposite direction in a slide heading right towards us! He managed to stop a couple feet before hitting us. Whew! So then we got back on the road. You see, mom used to live in Alaska so she isn’t daunted by the weather around here, but she does have a healthy respect for icy roads. We went real slow and got on the freeway and then we got stuck behind cars going really, really slow and blocking both lanes so it took a long time to get to the turnpike. But we finally made it and mom was careful. She says by the time we got past New Castle, the roads were OK so we were able to make ring time – barely. She fussed over me real quick for about 15 minutes and then we went in. It was a repeat of Saturday, 4th in Sweepstakes and I didn’t make the cut for Winners dog. But she says it was a good experience. She learned more about grooming me (I could have done without that) and she was happy with our performance in the ring both days. When we got home, mom found out that we left just in time because they closed all the highways soon after we left.

So that’s officially the end of our 2009 conformation/rally/agility trial season. We sure did a lot this year. Kiwi earned 9 agility titles and her TDI this year! Little miss over-achiever. But Sefina who idolizes her wasn’t far behind with 8 titles, including her CGC, TDI, Rally Novice, and 5 agility titles. Then there’s my crazy under-achieving brother Robin. He managed to get 2 agility titles this year, but that’s still really good since he only joined the family in March. And me, I earned 4 points towards my AKC Champion title. It probably would have been more if I didn’t have to sit out for 3 months recovering from a leg injury and also if I had a better handler (sorry, mom). Voodoo didn’t earn any titles since he doesn’t like to compete but he still has a noteworthy accomplishment to report. He is no longer afraid of sneezes! At least not of mom’s sneezes. The verdict is still out on other peoples’ sneezes. But after 3 and ½ years, that is a huge step for Voodoo!

Monday, December 7, 2009

AKC Agility in Edinboro

Hi all! It’s me me me me me me me me, Kiwi. Friday, mom took me to play at Clarion Canine Obedience Club’s AKC trial in Edinboro. Mom likes to take me there in the winter since it is usually really cold up there. She says I run faster. She’s always telling people that I’m slow but I must be fast ‘cause I got my Open FAST title Friday. Mom says that isn’t a game of speed though, that it’s about distance. I also double Q’d which means I qualified in both Excellent B Jumpers with Weaves and Standard. I was 1 second under in Jumpers and 8 seconds under in Standard. Mom says that’s a record for me so see, I am FAST. OK, not like Robin but hey, I’m perfect & beautiful so take what you can get, mom.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Thanksgiving Weekend AKC Agility Trial

After eating turkey scraps, mom took us all to Washingtonville, OH where Kiwi, Sefina, and I (Robin) played in Youngstown All Breed Training Club’s AKC agility trial. Sefina and I had to wait a long time in the car while Kiwi got to have all the fun. They ran all the Excellent dogs first and there were a lot of them. Kiwi is an Excellent dog and she keeps reminding us of that – over and over and over. Anyway, mom says she needs a lot of Jumpers with Weaves Q’s to get her Master’s title and since it was cold this weekend, Mom hoped she would get some. You see, unlike me, Kiwi doesn’t run very fast unless she’s chasing deer in the yard, scolding us, or trying to beat us to some food. Well, Kiwi started off Saturday morning with a Q in jumpers and 3 seconds to spare but then she decided that mom takes her for granted so blew her off the rest of the weekend. Kiwi loves Standard courses and almost always Q’s so you know she was copping some attitude when she makes a mistake. Kiwi won’t ever let you forget that she’s in charge.

Sefina and I qualified in Novice Jumpers with Weaves both days. On Saturday, I beat Sefina but on Sunday Sefina decided to be like Kiwi and run a perfect course. I run so fast I end up running past at least one jump before I can stop and argue with mom about which one I should take next. I know mom gets lost a lot driving (she has to have this lady that lives inside of a little picture box tell her how to get places) so I don’t trust that she can find her way around an agility course either. Sefina is still afraid of the teeter so she did not run the Standard courses but I did. Those are really fun. I like to get to the top of the A-frame and dog walk and then fly off. I know I’m not supposed to do that but I LOVE to soar. On Saturday, mom told me to get on the table and sit. I thought this was strange since she always tells me to lie down when we practice. So I figured she wanted me to give her a big hug so that’s what I did. But she didn’t want to hug me back – she didn’t even want to touch me. That kind of hurt my feelings but after sitting for 5 seconds I was off and flying again so I forgot all about it. Anyway, I thought I should get extra points for style but the judge took lots of points away from me so I didn’t Q in Standard this weekend. But that’s OK – I had LOTS of fun.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Robin’s ‘Tail’

Hi everyone! This is Robin. This is my first time blogging. I haven’t been too interested before but all the others say I’m crazy so it’s time I set the record straight. I am NOT crazy. I’m just really enthusiastic – about everything. I’m a sweet, loving boy and quite mellow when there isn’t anything going on. I REALLY love my mom - like a whole lotta bunch. I used to live in Ottawa, Canada with my first mom and 10 other dogs just like me and 3 smaller ones that kind of looked like me – they were called Pomeranians. Anyway, I lived there until I was almost a year old but my first mom said that there were too many of us and she didn’t have time to spend with me and I really needed something to do. So she found me a new mom in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. I wasn’t so sure about that but my new mom came to meet me and she carried treats in a bag on her hip and taught me a new trick right away so I decided she was really cool 2 minutes after I met her. Then she set up a jump and a tunnel and I thought that was fun. Then I showed her how fast I could run by flying in and out of the dog door every 30 seconds. Her eyes got real wide so she said she’d take me home. I was a little anxious for a few days so stuck real close to my new mom – she wanted to change my name to Velcro but I really like my name. There are 4 other dogs just like me here so I get more attention and Sefina & Calvin are really fun to play with since we’re almost the same age. I think Kiwi is hot stuff and she flirted with me for a few days but now she keeps telling me No No No! But I’m a persistent guy. Maybe one of these days she’ll say yes. Mom also taught me my favorite trick – jumping in her arms since I can jump really, really high. I LOVE to do that. But she doesn’t always catch me – sometimes her back is turned or she isn’t paying attention to me. And why can’t she catch me when she’s holding something else? She really freaks when I race across the yard or a big field to jump in her arms. That is the most fun. I love to run really, really fast and jump really, really high. Sometimes I can land on her shoulders and crawl on top of her head. Mom says she shouldn’t have taught me that trick but I don’t know why. I just love her so much and want to show it. Anyway, I was still nervous about things, especially riding in Mom’s car. I thought maybe I’d be going somewhere else to live again but then I figured out that mom takes us to a lot of fun places - especially Splash ‘n Dash. That’s where she teaches me agility and that has changed my life. Oh boy, do I LOVE agility! It is so much FUN. Mom says I am learning really fast and entered me in my first trial after only 3 months. I love trials. The obstacles are so much further apart than where we train so I can build up a lot of speed. Everyone calls me a ‘rough-coated border collie’. Mom says it’s because I’m really fast and I like to talk constantly while I’m playing agility. I just get so excited, I can’t help myself. Everyone says I will be an awesome agility dog some day but I need to learn to control myself and mom needs to learn how to handle a dog that’s as fast as I am. I don’t care, I’m having fun NOW. That’s all that matters, right?

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

NADAC Agility

Hi everyone. This is Sefina again. I get to tell you about our weekend playing NADAC agility. It was at the Storm Harbor Equestrian Center in Slippery Rock, PA November 21st & 22nd. OMG! It was the best place EVER! I’ve been a little unsure about this agility stuff. At trials I make mom cheer me on at every obstacle (I think it’s funny and so does the crowd) and I especially like to go visit the ring crew. But this place was different. It had really soft dirt to run on and the courses were wide open. And it smelled wonderful! I Q’d 3 times in Novice Regular (what NADAC calls a Standard course) so I earned a title in one weekend. Isn’t that cool? I didn’t Q in the other 8 runs but mom was thrilled to see how happy I was playing agility that weekend. She said I was like 3 parts Kiwi (who is slow but perfect) and 1 part Robin (he’s super fast but wild).

Big sis Kiwi did really well as usual. She likes running in the horse barn, too plus it was cool (in the 50’s which is perfect summer weather for us) so Kiwi was running faster than usual. She Q’d 7 out of 11 runs and earned her Open Regular title and her Novice Touch ‘n Go title. She finally Q’d in Tunnelers. Because it’s always been so hot and they run that last, Mom says she keeps missing a Q by less than 1 second - she was as close as 0.01 seconds once.

Robin – well what can I say about my brother Robin? He’s a wild & crazy guy! He started off the weekend with a perfect Jumpers run – he Q’d and got first place but the rest of the weekend he was busting out of his skin. He was flying off of the TOP of the dog walk and kept arguing with mom at every obstacle. It kind of went like this: “Mom, mom what should I do next, mom?! This one? Are you sure this one and not that one? I don’t know mom, mom tell me what to do mom. I think I should do this one, don’t ya think?! Mom! Mom! Look at me Mom! Tell me what to do, mom! I see your arms waving and your lips moving but I can’t hear you over my voice, mom! Yell louder mom!” So needless to say, he didn’t Q in any of the other runs. But he always has fun & mom says she has fun running him even though she looks really frazzled afterwards.

Friday, November 20, 2009


Hi this is Kiwi. Mom doesn’t know I know how to blog by myself but I need to report the worst case of animal cruelty EVER! Grab a box of tissues, sit down, and brace yourself. Last weekend mom gave us all a – oh, the horror reliving the moment – a B-A-T-H. But it didn’t stop there. Then she BRUSHED us and took us all for nail trims. And just when we thought the nightmare was over – she took us to Splash n’ Dash. We were so excited because we thought we were going to get to play agility but instead it was a cruel trick. There was a photographer there and she made all five of us sit together – like right next to each other - and get our pictures taken. Have you ever heard of a worse case of animal abuse? I didn’t think so! So please, someone come rescue us! But wait until after this weekend. Mom just made a big batch of chicken brownies and we’re playing NADAC agility in a horse barn this weekend. That will help get rid of that disgusting clean smell we have. And we have an AKC trial at our favorite place in Ohio next weekend so we’ll stick it out until then. But then I have an AKC trial the following Friday, and then Calvin goes to a big dog show in Cleveland the next weekend. Then it will be almost Xmas and we usually score a bunch of treats from mom and our aunts & uncle so we wouldn’t want those to go to waste. And then we get to play 4 days of CPE agility at our favorite place again New Year’s Eve weekend so I guess we’ll do our best to stick it out until after New Years. But then please, someone come rescue us or at least give mom a good talking to. She NEVER feeds us enough. You can’t tell because of all of our fur but trust me – we are always STARVING! If there is someone out there with several acres of land and an agility training ring, an RV with a chauffeur that will take us wherever we want, a personal chef that is skilled in making homemade dog food and treats, and who promises never to bathe or brush us, PLEASE come save us from our miserable existence!

Hi all! This is Voodoo. Yeah, all that stuff Kiwi described was not much fun but what she left out was that Mom also took Kiwi, Calvin, Sefina, & Robin to the dog park last Saturday in 2 separate trips since they only allow 2 dogs per human and they got to run loose on the trails and play with other dogs. Kiwi found something to roll in at the park so between you and me – she isn’t all that clean smelling. And what the other four don’t know, mom came back and got me and instead of going back to the park she took me to Bruster’s. That’s a homemade ice cream place and they give out free doggy sundaes. Those are PAWESOME! Then mom took me for a walk on the hillside next to Bruster’s while she finished her ice cream. It was so nice to get away from the other four and have some alone time with Mom. You see, I’m from a home where there was some real abuse. That owner passed away and some rescue people took me in and then Mom came soon after and adopted me. I used to be really afraid of things but mom started to take me different places, teach me things like agility, and expose me to all sorts of people who not only treat me real nice but also carry treats so I’m a lot better now. I’m still afraid of sneezes though - everyone has their quirks, right? And really, Kiwi was all for sitting pretty for those pictures - I was the last holdout. Kiwi is such a DIVA.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Halloween Agility

Hi Everyone! Sefina, here. Boy did we have a fun time playing CPE Agility at Four Seasons in Washingtonville, OH this past Halloween weekend. All 5 of us got to go – we dressed up as well behaved dogs J We always have a great time running up in the fields. That’s what we think is the highlight but mom says I need to tell you about the agility trial.

Since I’m writing, me first. I ran 6 times and got 2 Q’s but both of those Q’s earned me a title. I got a Jackpot Q on Sunday so I finished Level 1 Strategy Games and I got a Colors Q on Saturday for Level 2 Handler Games. The rest of the time I enjoyed visiting the ring crew – they looked like they needed some cheering up. And during my last run in Jumpers, I ran over and stuck my head in the judge’s lap (she was sitting down). I thought I should get a Q for that but mom says that didn’t earn me any brownie points. Isn’t there a Miss Congeniality award or something?

Rockin’ Robin had a grand ol’ time as usual, running and barking and flying off of obstacles. He got to run in all 8 classes and ended up with 3 Q’s. A Colors Q on Saturday which finished his Level 1 Handler Games title. Then he got a Level 2 Snookers and Jumpers Q on Sunday. Mom says he started off really well on Saturday with start line stays and holding his contacts until she released him but then he just got so worked up as the trial went on that he lost his mind. But that’s how he rolls, and jumps and leaps and…

Big sis Kiwi did really well with 6 Q’s out of 8. As usual, time was her nemesis in those other 2 runs. But she finished Level 5 Snookers and Jumpers and the thing that mom is most excited about – she finally finished Level 4 Jackpot! Hooray for Kiwi!! Mom says she only needs 5 Jackpot Qs to earn her C-ATCH. I’m not sure what that is but since Kiwi gets a lot of toys and treats for all of her great runs which mom makes her share with the rest of us, I’m all for it.

We’re taking this weekend off except for Sunday when Mom takes pretty boy Calvin to a Conformation workshop at WCOTC. Calvin says he sure hopes mom learns something so she stops embarrassing him in the show ring. Mom also says we all have to get a B-A-T-H. I had to write that really small so Kiwi doesn’t find out or we won’t see her for weeks. On second thought - Hey Kiwi – we’re getting B- - Awww Mom, you’re no fun. Anyway, we have to get all gussied up for portraits next weekend. Mom thinks she’s going to get all 5 of us sitting pretty for a picture. At Splash ‘n Dash with all that fun agility equipment just begging us to play on it? Let me know how that works out for you, mom!

Meanwhile, here are some pics taken at Splash ‘n Dash’s USDAA trial by the same photographer who’s taking our portraits – Virgil Sweeden. There’s one of Voodoo, me, & Kiwi in the X-pen and then the rest are of Rockin’ Robin.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

AKC Rally

Hi Everyone! It's me, Sefina! Sorry we haven't posted in a while but mom went to Texas with our aunts and uncle for a week. She sent Voodoo to go stay with a friend and took the rest of us to K9 Kingdom. I'd love to tell you what happened there but what happens at K9 Kingdom, stays at K9 Kingdom. But I can tell you that Calvin loved watering the painted flowers on the wall and that Kiwi & I destroyed a couple of their supposedly indestructable balls! They were no match for the Pirahna-Goat!

Mom took me to Youngstown All Breed Training Club's Rally trial on Friday. Boy was she brave. We hadn't practiced anything in 3 weeks, not even agility. So I made her work really, really, really hard in the ring. But in the end I got a score of 75 which was enough to Q. Mom says it was an even uglier Q than the last one but a Q by any other name is still a Q! She says she might take me to Cleveland in December so I can try to finish my advanced title this year.

Halloween weekend we are going to go to Washingtonville to play CPE agility. Kiwi, Robin, and I get to play. Mom thought about running Calvin, too but decided to wait.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Conformation & Birthday Wishes

Hi Everyone! This is Kiwi. First of all, mom wants me to tell you that pretty boy Calvin got Best Of Winners today at the Fort Steuben Kennel Association show in Aliquippa! One of these days, mom will have to drive to where the Keeshonds hang out so maybe he can get more than 1 point per win.

The main reason I wanted to post is that yesterday was my cousins Radar & Maggie's birthdays! Happy 7th birthday to Radar and Happy 4th birthday to Maggie. We aren't sure when her birthday really is so she celebrates with Radar. Radar is a really big German Shepherd and Maggie is the fastest, most agile Basset Hound mom has ever encountered (although you wouldn't guess that from this picture).

Anyway, I thought it would be fun to take a trip down memory lane. You see, mom has flown me with her back to Washington State twice. Once when I was 6 months old and that's when Auntie Danae first got Radar. He was 8 weeks old and weighed as much as I did! Then I went back again 2 years ago to go camping with Auntie Danae & Radar. This was before Maggie became a part of the family. So here are pictures of Radar & I from both trips.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Posse Update

Hi everyone! Voodoo, here. Boy oh boy did we have a busy weekend so mom says I get to post the update since I was the best behaved dog this weekend. Friday, Sefina (pictured to the right) played AKC Rally Obedience at WCOTC in Delmont. This was her 3rd attempt at an Advanced level course which is done off leash. Mom wasn’t very optimistic since she had yet to finish an advanced course but was hopeful when she saw that there were only 12 stations and no off-set figure 8 with toys as distractions. But then Sefina proceeded to make up her own course anyway. Mom says it was a struggle and they were seconds away from being excused from the ring but they finally finished the course and managed a qualifying score of 83. Boy was that judge lenient! So hurray for Sefina for her 1st advanced rally Q!! Mom is trying to teach me Rally. I’m undecided whether I like it yet.

Saturday and Sunday was Splash n’ Dash K9 Sports’ USDAA agility trial at PISA in Cheswick. All 5 of us went and hung out in the X-pen but only Kiwi and Robin got to play. Kiwi had 4 qualifying runs out of 9. She & her spotted pal, Tess got a 1st place Q in P2 Pairs, and then Kiwi helped a Pomeranian from Philly get a 1st place Q in P2 Pairs since he didn’t have a partner. Kiwi got another 1st place Q in P2 Gamblers, and got 2 Q’s in P3 Snookers. Mom thought those were for a title but she learned what a ‘Super Q’ was & Kiwi needs 3 of those to title in Snookers.

It was Crazy Robin’s first USDAA trial so mom only entered him in Gamblers and Jumpers each day. He got a 2nd place Q in Gamblers and a Q in Jumpers on Saturday. On Sunday, the slip lead got caught in his fur at the start line for the Gamblers course and mom had a really hard time getting it out of his fur, especially since his bouncing & twisting & turning just made it worse. When she finally got it off he exploded and dropped the first jump bar and proceeded to live up to his nickname by leaping off contact obstacles and running around in circles barking. He did do the distance challenge perfectly & that was the hard part! But that wasn’t enough to qualify. He did have a great Jumpers run at the end of the day with a 3rd place Q.

Meanwhile, back at the X-pen, Sefina demonstrated why mom calls her Piranha-Goat by shredding the crate mat. Mom knew that was going to happen sooner or later. The five of us also got a new nickname this weekend which mom likes – the Keeshond Posse. So until next weekend when we update you about Calvin’s conformation shows in Aliquippa, so long from the posse!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

BCKC Conformation

Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who's the fairest Keeshond of all? Me - Calvin!! Well, maybe not the fairest but I did really well Saturday at the Butler County Kennel Club Show. I got Best of Winners and Opposite Sex. Mom says I got 1 point and a breed embroidered hand towel. At the show today, I didn't win anything but I enjoyed sniffing the ground. Mom says I forgot my brain but really, I was bored. Been there done that! Also, I was real tired of mom fussing over me with brushes & combs & scissors. And she puts corn starch on my feet. What's up with that?

We will be really busy next weekend. Friday, Sefina plays AKC Rally in Delmont and then Kiwi & Robin play USDAA agility at PISA on Staurday and Sunday.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Master Kiwi

Hi Everybody! Kiwi here. We were at Westmoreland County Obedience Training Center’s AKC agility trial at PISA yesterday and guess what?! I earned my Master’s degree! Mom says it’s called an AKC Masters Agility Excellent (MX) title. That means I got 10 qualifying runs in Excellent B Standard. I also got a Q and 1st place in Open FAST. I only need one more of those to get another title. Sefina went with me and ran a jumpers with weaves course but got distracted by the ring crew so she didn’t finish. Guess she needs a few pointers from the Master ;)

We had taken a couple weeks off from doing agility trials. Calvin went to a conformation show outside of Cleveland 2 weeks ago and got Winner’s dog but only because he was the only open male. He did win a pair of nail clippers for that. Otherwise, Sefina took a couple of dancing lessons and I took a 2 hour agility class. Mom rarely takes me to class anymore. She’s always taking the young dogs. But I guess that’s because I don’t really need to take lessons. I am the Master after all! But we have a busy month ahead of us. Next Saturday, Sefina and I play AKC agility again on Neville Island and the weekend after that, pretty boy is going to 2 conformation shows in Prospect, PA. At the end of September, Sefina plays Rally Obedience on Friday and then Robin and I get to play USDAA agility at PISA. Then Calvin does a couple more conformation shows in Aliquippa, PA the first weekend of October.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

CPE Agility at PISA in Cheswick

Hi everyone! Mom has been walking real funny the past couple of days. Sefina, Robin, and I (Kiwi) just did another CPE trial this weekend and mom was really tired when we got home. We were real tired too but we got our second wind a few hours later. Mom was hoping for peace and quiet but Calvin wanted to play since he got left at home with Voodoo and he got us all riled up. Besides, I was in the mood to celebrate because I did really well this weekend. I didn’t quite get a perfect weekend since I went off course in my first run Saturday morning in Standard. But I figured mom would be more relaxed the rest of the weekend if she didn’t have that Perfect Weekend thing on her mind so I was doing her a favor. But I qualified in the next 7 runs of the weekend. I did mom another huge favor by getting a Jackpot Q. She’s been really obsessed with those lately so I threw her a bone so to speak. I also finished level 5 in Fullhouse and Colors. Mom says I need 1 more Q in Snookers and Jumpers and 6 more Q’s in Jackpot to get my C-ATCH. I don’t know what that is but there had better be a T-bone steak involved.

Sefina did 3 runs each day. Saturday she Q’d in Wildcard and Fullhouse and missed a Q in Snookers by 1 point. Sunday she started off real well with a Q in Colors. She was real into it and ran faster than mom expected. But the last 2 runs she was distracted by the ring crew and other things so she still needs a Jackpot and a Jumpers Q to finish Level 1. I think mom expected too much of her to run back to back trials. She’s not a seasoned professional like me.

Robin had a Perfect Weekend – a perfect weekend of not qualifying that is! He really lived up to his nickname Crazy Robin and everyone enjoyed watching mom try to run a ‘Border Collie in a Kees body’ as mom likes to refer to him. Mom was OK with him having a grand ol’ time and not qualifying except she was not happy that he launched himself off the A-frame and dog walk and missing almost all of his contacts. Because of that, he doesn’t get to play AKC agility in a few weeks with Me & Sefina. But what does mom expect? He’s only been with us 5 months and he’s a boy!

We’re taking a few weeks off from agility trials. Pretty boy Calvin gets to go to Cleveland on Sunday to prance around the ring a couple of times. That means he has to get a bath and lots of brushing. I’ll be hiding underneath the futon where mom can’t get to me while all of that is going on.

Here are a few pictures of us playing agility at Washingtonville. Can you guess which ones are of Robin?

Thursday, August 13, 2009

CPE Agility at Washingtonville

Hi guys. This is Voodoo. Boy oh boy did we have fun last weekend at Washingtonville. All 5 of us got to go 3 days in a row. We had so much fun running around in the fields, except mom always keeps me on a leash. Something about running off and not coming when called. Its not that I don’t want to come back, I just get so into running and smelling things that I really don’t notice mom calling me. Anyway, it’s still nice to go for car rides. I love to ride up front and help mom shift gears. Kiwi, Sefina, and Robin all got to play CPE agility while Calvin and I watched. Calvin isn’t old enough to do agility yet and I’ve played agility a few times but I lose interest after a few obstacles. I do love the table though. Between you and me, I have it made. I get to sit back and relax while all the others have to work. Mom said we were all good in the X-pen inside the building, even crazy Robin who she was really worried about. But he was fairly quiet. The five of us together were quite a sight. People said we were all well behaved. Boy did we have them fooled!

Kiwi had a good 3-day weekend. She qualified (Q’d) 9 runs out of 11. Mom was disappointed that she didn’t get a Jackpot Q though. Guess she really needs those. Robin did the Jackpot and he’s only been with us 5 months. For those of you who don’t know, Jackpot is a game where you do obstacles for points and then you have to do a distance challenge which is completing obstacles a certain distance from a line while mom stays on the other side of the line. Kiwi doesn’t like to get too far from mom, unless Mom has a brush or says ‘bath’. Maybe mom should try saying that during the next Jackpot run! Kiwi finished Level 5 Standard this weekend. She’s close to finishing level 5 in everything except… you guessed it – JACKPOT!

Robin and Sefina only played Saturday and Sunday and each did 7 runs. It was Robin’s 2nd CPE trial. He got 4 barking Q’s, one each in Standard, Wildcard, Snooker, and Jackpot. Mom calls them barking Q’s because he barks the entire time he runs. Sefina did very well with 6 Q’s. It was only her 2nd agility trial, with her first one being half of a Jumpers course in AKC a few weeks ago. It was really hot on Sunday and Sefina didn’t want to do the jumps on the last 2 courses so mom had to give her lots of encouragement by jumping up and down in front of all the jumps. Sefina really enjoyed that as did everyone watching. It worked though since Sefina qualified in both of those runs. Sefina only needs Q’s in Jumpers, Fullhouse, and Jackpot to finish Level 1. Robin needs a Q in Standard, Fullhouse, and Colors. Maybe they’ll both finish Level 1 this weekend at PISA in Cheswick. Keep your paws crossed!

Here are a couple of pictures of Kiwi and Robin at the CPE trial in Slippery Rock taken by Tess & Jazz’s dad. The one of Robin is at the start line since once he starts to run he’s a blur of fur!

By the way – a big Congratulations to Tess and her dad, Jim for getting their 1st Perfect Weekend! Woof, woof, woof, woof, woof!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Canfield Dog Show Weekend

Hi everyone. This is Calvin again. I’m supposed to tell you about our weekend in Canfield, OH. For starters, that show is known for being too hot or too wet – or the too-too show. Well, this weekend didn’t disappoint and it was of the too wet and muddy variety. Sefina & Mom got to the Rally ring Friday morning to discover that it was a swamp. Sefina looked at mom like – you really expect me to sit and lie down in THAT?! You’re crazy! The judge asked them to leave by the 4th station after Sefina decided that the puddles were for splashing and drinking and not for obedience. It dried out a little bit for Saturday when I went into the ring. I got Winner’s Reserve and turns out that the dog I lost to is my half brother. Mom & I didn’t realize that at the time. The judge really liked me and I might have done better but I was really distracted by a huge piece of chicken carver left in the ring. Mom didn’t realize it was there but I sure did. The next day was really rainy again but it stopped by the time I went into the ring. I got Winner’s Reserve again. What’s that human saying? Always a bridesmaid… My friend Meredith went and watched. She says that judge seemed to really like me too but mom needs to figure out what the perfect speed for me is to show off my strut. Personally, I like to bounce. It’s much more fun.

This weekend we’re going to Washingtonville, OH for 3 days of CPE agility. I don’t get to play because I’m not old enough but Kiwi, Sefina, and Robin all get to play. Voodoo & I will watch to see how long mom lasts running 3 dogs.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

AKC Agility & Conformation

Hi everyone. This is Calvin. Mom is letting me blog for the very first time ‘cause I’m a big boy now. I just turned 1 year old on Tuesday, July 21st. Mom bought us all doggy ice creams from Cathy’s Creations and boy were they tasty. Well, I think I’m the only one who actually tasted it. I savored mine while the others almost drowned trying to eat theirs so fast. Since mom had to teach other doggies on my birthday, we got them on Sunday after I got home from a dog show in Medina, OH. I didn’t earn any points but mom says we did much better in the ring than the last couple of shows. I went to conformation class on Weds. My pal Meredith teaches it. I really like her. She showed me at my first dog show in Pittsburgh because mom was too chicken. Anyway, she says that it’s probably my mom’s fault that we didn’t do well on Sunday. I agree. I’m so charming, how could it possibly be my fault? Next weekend, I am going to Canfield, OH for a dog show on Saturday & Sunday, and Sefina goes to check the place out on Friday for me since she is going to play Rally Obedience. Sefina seems to enjoy it but that word ‘obedience’ sounds kind of yucky to me.

Last Friday, my sisters Kiwi & Sefina got to play AKC agility in Cheswick. It was Sefina’s first time. She did a Jumpers with Weaves course and finished exactly half of it. She didn’t want to do the double jump so decided that was the end. Mom says the first half went really well though. Big sis Kiwi did well. She got her first Open FAST Q and got 1st place. She also got her ninth Q in Excellent B Standard. I don’t know what all of this means but mom is happy and Kiwi is gloating. Kiwi says she only needs one more Standard Q and she’ll have a master’s degree just like mom. Wonder if that means she’ll have to go to work every day just like mom. I don’t think I want a master’s degree…

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Hi everyone. This is Kiwi. Sorry it’s been so long since we updated the site but we’ve been busy and Mom has been sick. She’s letting me write this time as long as I don’t just talk about me me me memememememe…. Sorry, sometimes I can’t help myself. My new Canadian brother, Robin (he's the one pictured to the right), and I got to play CPE agility the last weekend in June in Slippery Rock. It was in a horse barn and boy was that fun!!!! I don’t often stop and smell the roses while running agility but I couldn’t help myself – oh so many wonderful smells!!! It was also fun running in the dirt. I got 3 Q’s out of 8 runs. Mom says it wasn’t my best weekend but until I get my Jackpot Q’s she doesn’t mind. Between you and me – I just like to remind her that I call the shots. Robin got to play agility for the first time, 2 runs each day. Boy is he crazy and everybody agreed. People described him as ‘crazy’, ‘a wild thing’, and ‘a firecracker’. Mom says he’s a border collie in a Keeshond body. On Saturday he played Fullhouse and Wildcard. He didn’t Q but mom was real happy that he finished the courses. He ran around obstacles several times and barked the whole time. I told him to slow down because he missed out on all those wonderful smells but he wouldn’t listen. On Sunday it was the same story but he actually got his first Q in Jumpers. He ran around all the jumps a few times but completed the course correctly, barking like crazy the entire course, but since he’s so fast he still made time. Not me. I’d rather be perfect and look good doing it. I’m a little miffed that Robin got his Q after only being with us 3 months. I need to have a talk with him about the dangers of being an over achiever.

The day before my little sis, Sefina, did Rally in Northmoreland Park. It was her first time in Advanced and she was off-leash and outside on a hot day. I wasn’t there - I was at home with the others with the A/C on. Mom says Sefina didn’t even finish the course. I don’t blame her. I don’t like to do anything in the heat either.

Fourth of July weekend, mom got sick but she still took us all to the dog park. She had to make two trips. Calvin & I went on the first trip and I found lots of stinky things to roll in. Mom wasn’t too happy but I was lovin’ life! But then I got that dreadful 4 letter word B-A-T-H. I hate them so much that Mom threatens me that word when I give the boys a hard time. I know she doesn’t mean it most of the time but I get ready to duck behind the couch, just in case.

This past Saturday, Mom took Sefina to take a therapy dog/canine good citizen test. I already have my CGC so mom wasn’t going to take me but I snuck out the door with Sefina so mom had to take me anyway. Sefina passed the test so Mom decided to have me take it as well. I passed, too. The tester said that I did better than my sister. Well, of course. I’m Kiwi.

Sunday, mom took pretty boy (aka Calvin) to Madison, OH to go prance around in the ring again. He didn’t do well. He gets to try again next Sunday in Medina, OH. Friday, I get to play AKC agility again in Cheswick and little sis gets to play for the first time, too. She’s only going to do jumpers since little Miss scaredy cat won’t do the teeter. But she’s already doing weaves. Mom says she learned in 2 weeks. I need to have a talk with her about over achieving, too.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Hi there! It's Sefina again. Mom wanted to wait until Sunday to post but I couldn't wait to brag. I got my Rally Novice title yesterday at the Mountaineer Kennel Club AKC show in Waynesburg. I got 1st place with a score of 94 AND I won $10. Mom says I'm the first one to win any money. Take that pretty boy, Calvin! Mom says to tell everyone that he did really well today, too, in conformation at the South Hills Kennel Club show. He got Winners dog and earned 1 point for beating a 2 y/o male. Calvin told me he might have done better if mom wasn't a bumbling idiot in the ring. Oops, guess I wasn't supposed to repeat that! He goes back again tomorrow. We'll see if mom learned anything from today.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Agility & Rally

me me me me me me me me me me me mememememememememe...

Hi everyone. That was Kiwi. Mom says that I (Sefina) should tell you about our weekend instead of her. Kiwi got to do AKC agility last Friday at this cool place in Ohio called Four Seasons. All of us got to go and run around the fields, it was so much fun. Anyway, mom says she got lost on the jumpers course which made them go over time and then Kiwi popped out of the weaves in the standard course. Mom says it's probably because she tried to rush her but I think Kiwi likes to pretend she doesn't know what to do sometimes to remind mom who's really in charge. Anyway, mom said as long as Kiwi got a FAST Q she'd be happy so Kiwi said OK. Mom was worried because Kiwi had to go into a tunnel pretty far away after going over a jump but she did it without missing a step. So Kiwi got a Novice FAST title.

The next day mom took me to a place in Delmont called WCOTC. I met a beagle named Ginger and we were having so much fun but our moms said we needed to settle down cause we have to go play Rally. I'm pretty good at it. I think it's easy since mom & I have been taking dancing lessons since I was real little but sometimes she makes me do it without treats at these things called trials. I'm not so sure about that but Kiwi says to humor mom since we get to do a lot of fun stuff. Anyway, this was my second trial and I did pretty good. I Q'd and got 4th place with a score of 89. The judge said I was working beautifully but my bum came up when mom told me to lie down when I was sitting.

Mom says that we are going to another Rally trial next Friday and that if I do well there, then I'll get a Rally Novice title. I hope so. Big sis has alot of titles and she can be kind of stuck up sometimes. She gets to play agility again on Sunday. Mom says that in a couple of months, I get to play agility in the big ring like Kiwi does. Robin is a month older than me and he gets to go play in a couple of weeks. That will be funny to watch. He's really fast and CRAZY! I think it's cuz he's from a place called Canada.

My baby brother, Calvin, is going back in the show ring next weekend. He was hurt real bad for a while but he's playing with me & Robin again. Mom says he's getting a bath this weekend. Better him than me! I don't understand that show ring stuff. All he has to do is walk around in a circle and everyone goes gaga over him. He doesn't have to do jumps or any tricks AND he gets treats in the ring. That is so not fair! Mom doesn't even make him sit for treats like the rest of us. Spoiled rotten if you ask me.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Welcome to Kees Crazy - the blog for 5 spoiled Keeshonds named Kiwi, Voodoo, Sefina, Calvin, and Robin! Their chauffeur/event coordinator is new to blogging so we'll see how this goes.

Kiwi just turned 7 on May 16th! Those years just flew by. Seems like yesterday that I brought home the little 6 week ball of fur that turned into a demanding diva with insomnia. I started taking agility classes when she was 5 months old to focus her energy. That was the birth of a new obsession and lifestyle.

Last Saturday Kiwi earned her 8th Excellent B Standard leg in AKC Agility. The day before, her baby sister, Sefina, had her Rally Obedience trial debut and earned a score of 97! It was a 4-way tie so she got 4th place because of her incompetent handler (me).

Hopefully, both girls have a repeat performances this coming weekend.