Sunday, January 17, 2010

Agility 2010

Happy New Year! It’s Sefina, again. Boy it’s only 17 days into the new year and we’re already way behind on blogging. We’ve been pretty busy and mom has been sick. She is so high maintenance when she’s sick - slow to feed us, not playing with us much, and her coughing has really been keeping us awake all night. Good thing we can catch up on our sleep when she’s at work. Anyway, mom is in Seattle now visiting our grandma, aunts and uncle, and our canine cousins. We really wanted to go but she said we had to stay here and watch the house. And update our blog. So here goes…

January 1-3 we played CPE agility at Four Seasons in Washingtonville. We all got to play, except Voodoo who came to play in the snow covered fields and cheer us on. Kiwi got to play in everything all 3 days, including 2 rounds of Jackpot. As you may know, Kiwi needs Jackpots Q’s to earn her C-ATCH. On Friday, there were 2 sets of weaves poles angled away from mom as part of the distance challenge. Kiwi went in them but popped out when she started to lose sight of mom. Good thing there was another Jackpot on Saturday. That was a non-traditional Jackpot so she Q’d no problem. So 1 down, 4 to go!

Now for my (Sefina’s) weekend. Mom only entered me in 5 runs because I don’t do the teeter yet. On Friday and Saturday, all I did was level 2 Jackpot and I Q’d in both of them - take that Kiwi! I also Q’d in level 2 Fullhouse and I finally Q’d in level 1 Jumpers so I am officially finished with Level 1 now. I would have Q’d in level 2 Snookers but mom screwed up and forgot to take the last red jump. I am having so much fun playing agility now. Mom says I am a faster version of Kiwi.

Rockin’ Robin had a grand ol’ time as usual. He got a Q in Fulhouse finally so he finished his level 1 Fun Games title. He’s still not quite done with level 1 though. He needs a Standard Q which he keeps missing cause he likes to leap off of the dog walk, missing the contact zone. He did Q twice in level 2 Colors. Mom says he would Q a lot more often if he would stop arguing with her at every obstacle.

Last but not least - it was Calvin’s very first agility trial and he Q’d 4 out of 7 runs! That was more than Robin. And he even earned a title - Level 1 Handler Games with Q’s in Colors and Wildcard. He also Q’d in Jumpers and level 2 Colors (mom almost forgot to move him up to level 2). That was a really great end to a pretty rocky start. He started the weekend with 2 Standard runs and he wasn’t sure what the point was so he made mom work really hard and explain each and every obstacle to him. But then on Saturday and Sunday, once mom got him started on the courses, he started running and having fun.

We also had lots of fun between runs. It was really super cold and snowing so we had a blast playing in the fields. Robin & I wrestled so much that his mane was frozen by the time mom made us go back inside. And then there was the jailbreak. When we first got there Friday morning, mom put us all in the Xpen and went outside to bring more stuff in. We were worried that she was leaving us so we all jumped up on the same side of the Xpen and down it went! So then we split up in all directions - fur a flyin’. But our freedom was short lived since there were lots of people who snatched us up right away and put us back. So when mom came back in, we were all sitting pretty like nothing happened. But then people tattled on us.

OK, now I have to turn the keyboard over to Kiwi…

Erie Kennel Club AKC Agility Trial

Hi, it’s me me me me, Kiwi. Friday, January 8, mom took a day off of work to play AKC agility with me at the Erie Kennel Club trial in Edinboro. It was the day after a pretty decent snow storm and it was real cold. Mom says she likes to take me up there in the winter time cause I run faster when it’s cold. I love the snow and cold but I especially love that mom only takes me me me me me. That’s the way it should always be. I was so happy that I got a Jumpers with Weaves Q. Mom says I need 3 more of those to get my second Masters degree. That would be really cool cause mom only has one of those. I also got my first Excellent A FAST Q. I guess I didn’t Q in Standard which is my favorite game. I headed for the table a second time instead of taking a jump. Mom didn’t expect me to do that but we train the table a lot and I get lots of treats for it so I figure it’s really important.

Well, that’s it for now. Mom is away for a few days so that gives us a chance to finish all the yummy homemade treats that Auntie Danae sent us for Xmas. We especially enjoyed the sweet potato chips and all the ones with peanut butter in them. When mom gets back, Calvin has to get the ‘B’ word cause he has a show in Erie at the end of the month.