Sunday, October 25, 2009

AKC Rally

Hi Everyone! It's me, Sefina! Sorry we haven't posted in a while but mom went to Texas with our aunts and uncle for a week. She sent Voodoo to go stay with a friend and took the rest of us to K9 Kingdom. I'd love to tell you what happened there but what happens at K9 Kingdom, stays at K9 Kingdom. But I can tell you that Calvin loved watering the painted flowers on the wall and that Kiwi & I destroyed a couple of their supposedly indestructable balls! They were no match for the Pirahna-Goat!

Mom took me to Youngstown All Breed Training Club's Rally trial on Friday. Boy was she brave. We hadn't practiced anything in 3 weeks, not even agility. So I made her work really, really, really hard in the ring. But in the end I got a score of 75 which was enough to Q. Mom says it was an even uglier Q than the last one but a Q by any other name is still a Q! She says she might take me to Cleveland in December so I can try to finish my advanced title this year.

Halloween weekend we are going to go to Washingtonville to play CPE agility. Kiwi, Robin, and I get to play. Mom thought about running Calvin, too but decided to wait.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Conformation & Birthday Wishes

Hi Everyone! This is Kiwi. First of all, mom wants me to tell you that pretty boy Calvin got Best Of Winners today at the Fort Steuben Kennel Association show in Aliquippa! One of these days, mom will have to drive to where the Keeshonds hang out so maybe he can get more than 1 point per win.

The main reason I wanted to post is that yesterday was my cousins Radar & Maggie's birthdays! Happy 7th birthday to Radar and Happy 4th birthday to Maggie. We aren't sure when her birthday really is so she celebrates with Radar. Radar is a really big German Shepherd and Maggie is the fastest, most agile Basset Hound mom has ever encountered (although you wouldn't guess that from this picture).

Anyway, I thought it would be fun to take a trip down memory lane. You see, mom has flown me with her back to Washington State twice. Once when I was 6 months old and that's when Auntie Danae first got Radar. He was 8 weeks old and weighed as much as I did! Then I went back again 2 years ago to go camping with Auntie Danae & Radar. This was before Maggie became a part of the family. So here are pictures of Radar & I from both trips.