Wednesday, March 23, 2011

March Agility & Conformation

CH Cinderlad Barefoot In The Park NAJ

Howdy! It’s me, Calvin, Champion Extraordinaire. Mom says I shouldn’t get a big head about it but Kiwi always has so I think I deserve to gloat for a while. Anyway, I get to tell you about all the fun stuff we’ve done this month.

The first weekend in March, mom took all five of us out to practice agility in a new place called You Go Little Dog in North Huntington, PA. It’s owned by a couple with 8 Pomeranians. They like us since we’re like really big Poms to them but we prefer to think of their dogs as miniature Kees. Mom took us there in hopes that Robin would learn to hit his contacts on different equipment and that I would like doing different teeters. Well, Mom had better luck with Robin than with me. I didn’t mind the purple teeter so much but then she wanted me to do this blue one and that one really freaked me out so I decided I had enough of teeters for the day. But we all had fun playing agility that day.

The next weekend we played CPE agility in Washingtonville, OH for 3 days! We always like going there. We had lots of fun even though mom says it wasn’t a very good weekend for Q’s for any of us. The biggest news is that Voodoo qualified in Level 1 Jackpot to earn his Level 1 Strategy Games title and finished his Level 1 title. He really enjoyed running to the table which ended the games in his other 2 runs but mom kept his focus away from the table on Sunday long enough to finish the course. Sefina was in one run a day and finally Q’d in Wildcard on Sunday after she was adjusted by Dr. Dave. He said her hips were so locked up she couldn’t extend when jumping. Kiwi had a un-Kiwi-like weekend and only Q’d in 6 of 10 runs. I only Q’d in Snookers and Wildcard, but I had a lot of fun bouncing and jumping around the ring. Rockin’ Robin turned 3 on March 13! Mom was hoping that since he was out of his terrible twos that he would hit his contacts that day but he decided that it was his birthday and he could blow contacts if he wanted to and he did. But he did qualify in Jumpers which is his favorite thing in the world.

Calvin earns Novice FAST title
This past weekend, mom took me down to Louisville, KY for a big dog show. We drove down Friday night and stayed in a really nice hotel. I like hotels, but I didn’t like the elevator in this one so much because the back wall was glass and I could see us moving. On Saturday, I got to play AKC agility in the morning. I ran Novice FAST first and I got 3rd place and earned my Novice FAST title. Then I got really excited in the Open JWW and bounced around like crazy. We ended up going over time so I didn’t finish the course. Then in Novice STD, we got whistled off before we even started. I kinda sorta marked the gate entrance on my way in. Mom didn’t even notice since I was super quick and discrete but the judge saw me. OOPS!!! So then we had to go play conformation. We had to wait a really long time and I was really tired and not into it so I didn’t get picked in the breed ring. The next day we showed even later! Mom says she should have signed up for agility after all but she didn’t in case we had an early ring time and she wanted to be able to leave since it was a 7 hour drive. Mom says I did really well when we first got in the ring but then I got a little too excited about the liver mom was carrying (it’s my favorite!) and started bouncing and running. But it was a nice time overall. We got to see my co-breeders and our friend Meredith was also there to show her Pharaoh puppy, Gilda. I guess Gilda was a little excited in the ring, too since she earned the nickname Spider Monkey!