Saturday, June 20, 2009

Hi there! It's Sefina again. Mom wanted to wait until Sunday to post but I couldn't wait to brag. I got my Rally Novice title yesterday at the Mountaineer Kennel Club AKC show in Waynesburg. I got 1st place with a score of 94 AND I won $10. Mom says I'm the first one to win any money. Take that pretty boy, Calvin! Mom says to tell everyone that he did really well today, too, in conformation at the South Hills Kennel Club show. He got Winners dog and earned 1 point for beating a 2 y/o male. Calvin told me he might have done better if mom wasn't a bumbling idiot in the ring. Oops, guess I wasn't supposed to repeat that! He goes back again tomorrow. We'll see if mom learned anything from today.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Agility & Rally

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Hi everyone. That was Kiwi. Mom says that I (Sefina) should tell you about our weekend instead of her. Kiwi got to do AKC agility last Friday at this cool place in Ohio called Four Seasons. All of us got to go and run around the fields, it was so much fun. Anyway, mom says she got lost on the jumpers course which made them go over time and then Kiwi popped out of the weaves in the standard course. Mom says it's probably because she tried to rush her but I think Kiwi likes to pretend she doesn't know what to do sometimes to remind mom who's really in charge. Anyway, mom said as long as Kiwi got a FAST Q she'd be happy so Kiwi said OK. Mom was worried because Kiwi had to go into a tunnel pretty far away after going over a jump but she did it without missing a step. So Kiwi got a Novice FAST title.

The next day mom took me to a place in Delmont called WCOTC. I met a beagle named Ginger and we were having so much fun but our moms said we needed to settle down cause we have to go play Rally. I'm pretty good at it. I think it's easy since mom & I have been taking dancing lessons since I was real little but sometimes she makes me do it without treats at these things called trials. I'm not so sure about that but Kiwi says to humor mom since we get to do a lot of fun stuff. Anyway, this was my second trial and I did pretty good. I Q'd and got 4th place with a score of 89. The judge said I was working beautifully but my bum came up when mom told me to lie down when I was sitting.

Mom says that we are going to another Rally trial next Friday and that if I do well there, then I'll get a Rally Novice title. I hope so. Big sis has alot of titles and she can be kind of stuck up sometimes. She gets to play agility again on Sunday. Mom says that in a couple of months, I get to play agility in the big ring like Kiwi does. Robin is a month older than me and he gets to go play in a couple of weeks. That will be funny to watch. He's really fast and CRAZY! I think it's cuz he's from a place called Canada.

My baby brother, Calvin, is going back in the show ring next weekend. He was hurt real bad for a while but he's playing with me & Robin again. Mom says he's getting a bath this weekend. Better him than me! I don't understand that show ring stuff. All he has to do is walk around in a circle and everyone goes gaga over him. He doesn't have to do jumps or any tricks AND he gets treats in the ring. That is so not fair! Mom doesn't even make him sit for treats like the rest of us. Spoiled rotten if you ask me.