Saturday, February 26, 2011


Rockin' Robin
Sefina & Robin
Hi Everyone! We're just posting because Mother Nature has been getting a bad rep in Pittsburgh lately because we've been getting a lot of snow. But we'd like to say THANK YOU!!!! WE LOVE IT!!! See how happy we are?
Kiwi & Robin

Champion Fluff Monster
Sefina Halulu - OK, maybe not looking all that happy but we thought she looked pretty in this photo.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Indy Winter Classic

Hi Everyone! It's me Calvin. By now you all know that Kiwi got her C-ATCH last year and she's always rubbing our noses in it. She's always saying 'I'm a champion this and I'm a champion that and you have to do what I say and I get whatever I want'. Well guess what, Kiwi? You're no longer the only champion in da house! Yep, I got my conformation champion title on Saturday, February 12th at the Indy Winter Classic show. I was Winner's Dog which was a 4 point major win! I got to play with Charlie, who is my co-breeder since mom was afraid she'd screw up my chances of winning. But she did show me the next day for best of breed. It didn't go well (mom was a klutz!) but my sister Mia won. She won Best of Breed on Thursday, too before we got there. And my half-brother Radar took Winners Dog Thursday, Friday, and Sunday so we pretty much kept it in the family all weekend. Below is a picture of me getting my beauty sleep on the grooming table while waiting to get my New Champion picture taken. It's hard work being beautiful!

The next picture is of me after we got home from Indianapolis last night. Mom says I had a road trip hangover. I was really tired but I was also missing my new girlfriend, Danee. She's a Keeshond like me and a few months older. We shared a room with her and her mom, Ann, and we had a blast! She didn't want to eat so her mom kept putting things like buffalo, prime rib, and salmon in her bowl but she was holding out for pupperoni. I was like are you crazy???? I'll eat it. So I did when no one was looking! I also got to eat elk liver which Aunt Suzanne brought. We roomed with her as well and her two dogs Crosby & Sweetness. I didn't care for them so much because they are young & foolish boys.

In addition to getting my Champion title, I also got my CPE Level 2 title at the end of January at the Medina SWARM trial by qualifying in Level 2 Standard. I also Q'd in level 3 Jackpot, and level 4 colors and jumpers so I had a perfect day. That was better than Robin who only got 2 Q's and even her highness, Kiwi who had 3. Robin did earn his Level 3 Strategy Games title that day.