Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Posse Update

Hi everyone! Voodoo, here. Boy oh boy did we have a busy weekend so mom says I get to post the update since I was the best behaved dog this weekend. Friday, Sefina (pictured to the right) played AKC Rally Obedience at WCOTC in Delmont. This was her 3rd attempt at an Advanced level course which is done off leash. Mom wasn’t very optimistic since she had yet to finish an advanced course but was hopeful when she saw that there were only 12 stations and no off-set figure 8 with toys as distractions. But then Sefina proceeded to make up her own course anyway. Mom says it was a struggle and they were seconds away from being excused from the ring but they finally finished the course and managed a qualifying score of 83. Boy was that judge lenient! So hurray for Sefina for her 1st advanced rally Q!! Mom is trying to teach me Rally. I’m undecided whether I like it yet.

Saturday and Sunday was Splash n’ Dash K9 Sports’ USDAA agility trial at PISA in Cheswick. All 5 of us went and hung out in the X-pen but only Kiwi and Robin got to play. Kiwi had 4 qualifying runs out of 9. She & her spotted pal, Tess got a 1st place Q in P2 Pairs, and then Kiwi helped a Pomeranian from Philly get a 1st place Q in P2 Pairs since he didn’t have a partner. Kiwi got another 1st place Q in P2 Gamblers, and got 2 Q’s in P3 Snookers. Mom thought those were for a title but she learned what a ‘Super Q’ was & Kiwi needs 3 of those to title in Snookers.

It was Crazy Robin’s first USDAA trial so mom only entered him in Gamblers and Jumpers each day. He got a 2nd place Q in Gamblers and a Q in Jumpers on Saturday. On Sunday, the slip lead got caught in his fur at the start line for the Gamblers course and mom had a really hard time getting it out of his fur, especially since his bouncing & twisting & turning just made it worse. When she finally got it off he exploded and dropped the first jump bar and proceeded to live up to his nickname by leaping off contact obstacles and running around in circles barking. He did do the distance challenge perfectly & that was the hard part! But that wasn’t enough to qualify. He did have a great Jumpers run at the end of the day with a 3rd place Q.

Meanwhile, back at the X-pen, Sefina demonstrated why mom calls her Piranha-Goat by shredding the crate mat. Mom knew that was going to happen sooner or later. The five of us also got a new nickname this weekend which mom likes – the Keeshond Posse. So until next weekend when we update you about Calvin’s conformation shows in Aliquippa, so long from the posse!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

BCKC Conformation

Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who's the fairest Keeshond of all? Me - Calvin!! Well, maybe not the fairest but I did really well Saturday at the Butler County Kennel Club Show. I got Best of Winners and Opposite Sex. Mom says I got 1 point and a breed embroidered hand towel. At the show today, I didn't win anything but I enjoyed sniffing the ground. Mom says I forgot my brain but really, I was bored. Been there done that! Also, I was real tired of mom fussing over me with brushes & combs & scissors. And she puts corn starch on my feet. What's up with that?

We will be really busy next weekend. Friday, Sefina plays AKC Rally in Delmont and then Kiwi & Robin play USDAA agility at PISA on Staurday and Sunday.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Master Kiwi

Hi Everybody! Kiwi here. We were at Westmoreland County Obedience Training Center’s AKC agility trial at PISA yesterday and guess what?! I earned my Master’s degree! Mom says it’s called an AKC Masters Agility Excellent (MX) title. That means I got 10 qualifying runs in Excellent B Standard. I also got a Q and 1st place in Open FAST. I only need one more of those to get another title. Sefina went with me and ran a jumpers with weaves course but got distracted by the ring crew so she didn’t finish. Guess she needs a few pointers from the Master ;)

We had taken a couple weeks off from doing agility trials. Calvin went to a conformation show outside of Cleveland 2 weeks ago and got Winner’s dog but only because he was the only open male. He did win a pair of nail clippers for that. Otherwise, Sefina took a couple of dancing lessons and I took a 2 hour agility class. Mom rarely takes me to class anymore. She’s always taking the young dogs. But I guess that’s because I don’t really need to take lessons. I am the Master after all! But we have a busy month ahead of us. Next Saturday, Sefina and I play AKC agility again on Neville Island and the weekend after that, pretty boy is going to 2 conformation shows in Prospect, PA. At the end of September, Sefina plays Rally Obedience on Friday and then Robin and I get to play USDAA agility at PISA. Then Calvin does a couple more conformation shows in Aliquippa, PA the first weekend of October.