Thursday, April 21, 2011

Sefina turns THREE & Morgantown Agility

Happy Birthday to me, Happy Birthday to me, Happy belated Birthday to me, Sefina, Happy Birthday to me! Sorry, we’re a little late in posting recent events. So first up, April 10th was my 3rd birthday! WooHoo! We were at an AKC agility trial in Morgantown. I didn’t get to play cause AKC trials STRESS me out too much but I went and saw our friend Cathy Guyer who makes pawesome homemade dog cookies and ice cream. She didn’t have any ice cream (we were so bummed) so she gave me a box of special birthday cookies.
The day before my birthday, Kiwi earned her Excellent FAST (XF) title & got 1st place! The boys were wild and crazy but they both Q’d in Open Jumpers w/ weaves on my birthday. Calvin had a clean run so got 1st place and Robin got 2nd place even though he was a little faster but he barked himself out of the weave poles once so had a 5 point fault. It was a Keeshond one-two punch since they were the only 16” dogs to qualify.

The next day, mom took pretty boy, Calvin, to Cleveland for OFA X-rays. She says it’s so he can be a daddy someday. That’s a scary thought! He’s so goofy, I can’t imagine him being a daddy. Mom went to a sandwich place in Cleveland called Corky’s & Lenny’s. They are famous for corned beef so mom ordered a large sandwich thinking it would be longer, like a sub. But instead it was served on regular loaf rye bread and large means more meat – lots more meat. So there were lots of leftovers. Calvin got some in the car since he was still feeling loopy from the drugs and then mom gave us all some for dinner in honor of my birthday. Yummy! Then mom ate half of what was left for dinner and made corned beef hash the next day for breakfast. Talk about a good deal! We think she needs to drive to Cleveland every weekend!

Well, that is all for now. We are taking a little break from trials and supervising while mom cleans the house. At the end of the month we get to go play NADAC agility. Mom entered me in a couple of events with no jumps. I haven’t been very fond of jumping lately. Then in mid-May we get to go to Keeshond Nationals at the King’s Island Resort in Ohio. Voodoo has to stay home but the rest of us are going and playing agility, rally, and conformation and Kiwi & I get to be in a rescue/companion parade. Below are a couple of pictures of me. Enjoy!

Sefina at 3.5 months, She loved unfried green tomatoes!
Sefina at 2 years 10.5 months

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

WPKA Conformation Weekend

Hi Everyone!

Calvin here. This is just a quick update on the WPKA dog shows this past weekend. I got Select Dog both days and mom thinks that I have one whole Grand Champion point now. Not sure what that means but I like the sound of it. Kiwi will be sure to throw a tantrum when I become a GRAND Champion :)

I’m really looking forward to this weekend. Kiwi, Robin, & I get to play 2 days of AKC agility in Morgantown. More importantly, we get to see Cathy who makes yummy cookies that she lets us sample. Mom is hoping she’ll have ice cream, too since Sefina’s birthday is Sunday. I really LOVE her peanut butter ice cream. I’m the only one who really knows what it tastes like since the others inhale theirs.