Friday, November 20, 2009


Hi this is Kiwi. Mom doesn’t know I know how to blog by myself but I need to report the worst case of animal cruelty EVER! Grab a box of tissues, sit down, and brace yourself. Last weekend mom gave us all a – oh, the horror reliving the moment – a B-A-T-H. But it didn’t stop there. Then she BRUSHED us and took us all for nail trims. And just when we thought the nightmare was over – she took us to Splash n’ Dash. We were so excited because we thought we were going to get to play agility but instead it was a cruel trick. There was a photographer there and she made all five of us sit together – like right next to each other - and get our pictures taken. Have you ever heard of a worse case of animal abuse? I didn’t think so! So please, someone come rescue us! But wait until after this weekend. Mom just made a big batch of chicken brownies and we’re playing NADAC agility in a horse barn this weekend. That will help get rid of that disgusting clean smell we have. And we have an AKC trial at our favorite place in Ohio next weekend so we’ll stick it out until then. But then I have an AKC trial the following Friday, and then Calvin goes to a big dog show in Cleveland the next weekend. Then it will be almost Xmas and we usually score a bunch of treats from mom and our aunts & uncle so we wouldn’t want those to go to waste. And then we get to play 4 days of CPE agility at our favorite place again New Year’s Eve weekend so I guess we’ll do our best to stick it out until after New Years. But then please, someone come rescue us or at least give mom a good talking to. She NEVER feeds us enough. You can’t tell because of all of our fur but trust me – we are always STARVING! If there is someone out there with several acres of land and an agility training ring, an RV with a chauffeur that will take us wherever we want, a personal chef that is skilled in making homemade dog food and treats, and who promises never to bathe or brush us, PLEASE come save us from our miserable existence!

Hi all! This is Voodoo. Yeah, all that stuff Kiwi described was not much fun but what she left out was that Mom also took Kiwi, Calvin, Sefina, & Robin to the dog park last Saturday in 2 separate trips since they only allow 2 dogs per human and they got to run loose on the trails and play with other dogs. Kiwi found something to roll in at the park so between you and me – she isn’t all that clean smelling. And what the other four don’t know, mom came back and got me and instead of going back to the park she took me to Bruster’s. That’s a homemade ice cream place and they give out free doggy sundaes. Those are PAWESOME! Then mom took me for a walk on the hillside next to Bruster’s while she finished her ice cream. It was so nice to get away from the other four and have some alone time with Mom. You see, I’m from a home where there was some real abuse. That owner passed away and some rescue people took me in and then Mom came soon after and adopted me. I used to be really afraid of things but mom started to take me different places, teach me things like agility, and expose me to all sorts of people who not only treat me real nice but also carry treats so I’m a lot better now. I’m still afraid of sneezes though - everyone has their quirks, right? And really, Kiwi was all for sitting pretty for those pictures - I was the last holdout. Kiwi is such a DIVA.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Halloween Agility

Hi Everyone! Sefina, here. Boy did we have a fun time playing CPE Agility at Four Seasons in Washingtonville, OH this past Halloween weekend. All 5 of us got to go – we dressed up as well behaved dogs J We always have a great time running up in the fields. That’s what we think is the highlight but mom says I need to tell you about the agility trial.

Since I’m writing, me first. I ran 6 times and got 2 Q’s but both of those Q’s earned me a title. I got a Jackpot Q on Sunday so I finished Level 1 Strategy Games and I got a Colors Q on Saturday for Level 2 Handler Games. The rest of the time I enjoyed visiting the ring crew – they looked like they needed some cheering up. And during my last run in Jumpers, I ran over and stuck my head in the judge’s lap (she was sitting down). I thought I should get a Q for that but mom says that didn’t earn me any brownie points. Isn’t there a Miss Congeniality award or something?

Rockin’ Robin had a grand ol’ time as usual, running and barking and flying off of obstacles. He got to run in all 8 classes and ended up with 3 Q’s. A Colors Q on Saturday which finished his Level 1 Handler Games title. Then he got a Level 2 Snookers and Jumpers Q on Sunday. Mom says he started off really well on Saturday with start line stays and holding his contacts until she released him but then he just got so worked up as the trial went on that he lost his mind. But that’s how he rolls, and jumps and leaps and…

Big sis Kiwi did really well with 6 Q’s out of 8. As usual, time was her nemesis in those other 2 runs. But she finished Level 5 Snookers and Jumpers and the thing that mom is most excited about – she finally finished Level 4 Jackpot! Hooray for Kiwi!! Mom says she only needs 5 Jackpot Qs to earn her C-ATCH. I’m not sure what that is but since Kiwi gets a lot of toys and treats for all of her great runs which mom makes her share with the rest of us, I’m all for it.

We’re taking this weekend off except for Sunday when Mom takes pretty boy Calvin to a Conformation workshop at WCOTC. Calvin says he sure hopes mom learns something so she stops embarrassing him in the show ring. Mom also says we all have to get a B-A-T-H. I had to write that really small so Kiwi doesn’t find out or we won’t see her for weeks. On second thought - Hey Kiwi – we’re getting B- - Awww Mom, you’re no fun. Anyway, we have to get all gussied up for portraits next weekend. Mom thinks she’s going to get all 5 of us sitting pretty for a picture. At Splash ‘n Dash with all that fun agility equipment just begging us to play on it? Let me know how that works out for you, mom!

Meanwhile, here are some pics taken at Splash ‘n Dash’s USDAA trial by the same photographer who’s taking our portraits – Virgil Sweeden. There’s one of Voodoo, me, & Kiwi in the X-pen and then the rest are of Rockin’ Robin.